Shazam celebrates its tenth birthday

Jonathan Morris
August 20, 2010

Shazam, the music recognition service that once struggled to get funding, is celebrating its tenth anniversary today.

The service attracts one million new users per week, with Taio Cruz (Dynamite) and Katy Perry (Teenage Dream) topping the birthday tag charts in the UK and US.

In just ten years, Shazam has become a verb with people saying they’ll ‘Shazam it’ when wondering what the name of the artist or track is.

Shazam can be used on music playing on the radio, television, pub or club. It’s now used by more than 75 million people worldwide, who have collectively downloaded more than a billion tags.

You can use Shazam by downloading the app from the website (or appropriate application store on your smartphone) or use the dial-up service by calling 2580 on your phone and holding it up to a speaker.

Shazam was co-founded by three Stanford graduates who came to the UK to get the £1 million funding after failing to get sufficient interest in America. The company is now headquartered here.

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