Sell Used Phone Online: A Few Tips To Maximize Your Selling Price

Sameer Malkani
October 28, 2019

The latest model of your favourite smartphone has hit the market, but you might find yourself short on cash to get your hands on it. The solution here would be to sell used phones online and use that cash as an advance on the purchase of the upgraded model. The only issue that comes to mind now is a large number of scams going on both online and even in the real world.

With a few tips and strategies in mind, you can sell old mobile without having to face such risks. We will take a look at a couple of useful strategies that you should keep in mind if you do decide to sell your old mobile phone on the internet.

Sell Mobile Online: Where To List Your Device

When you are looking to sell your current smartphone by taking your search for a buyer to the internet, the platform you list your device on will have a big impact on the results. Some platforms will allow you to place a classified, while others give you the ability to set up an auction. There are also some companies who are willing to buy your phone from you – which can completely eliminate the hassle of having to find a buyer.

eBay is most certainly the biggest online marketplace that people turn to when they are looking to sell one or two items. This is definitely an option you want to consider when selling your old phone. The platform is huge and will give your listing excellent exposure – plus you get to expand on the area that your ad can target. eBay has several protection systems in place to also help ensure you get your money when selling the phone.

When it comes to classified sites, Craigslist is probably the biggest of them all. This website helps you list your ad in any location you wish to target. Don’t limit yourself to Craigslist, however. There are many other classified websites that you can also take advantage of.

Facebook recently launched a Marketplace that gives you an opportunity to target local people. You can list your device on this platform, too – and it will show up for anyone looking to buy a smartphone in your local area.

Websites like Sellyt gives you the ability to skip this entire processing of sourcing for trustworthy buyers. A few clicks on the company’s website, and they give you an opportunity to sell your phone instantly. You even get a price estimate on how much they are willing to offer you while browsing their website – and you have the ability to decide whether the quote provided is adequate in terms of how valuable your device is.

Safety Tips To Prevent Becoming A Victim To Scams

In May 2018, 50.65% of all junk mail received by Gmail users was related to some sort of scam. While this was a peak in terms of the percentage of mail being associated with online scams, the statistics continue to be alarming.

With this in mind, you need to make sure that selling your phone online is done in a safe way. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind in order to give you the assurance that you will receive the money requested for sale:

First of all, if you are looking for a private deal through a classified website, only list your phone in the local area you reside in. When someone is interested, ask them to meet up – then choose a public location in an area that is well-lit. Make sure you get your money before handing over the phone.

Listing on a platform like eBay also comes with risks. When using a secondhand online marketplace, make sure the customer who is buying your device uses a payment method that is reserved by eBay. Then, ensure you keep the postage slip and tracking number given to you.


As smartphone technology improves, the prices of these products also increase. With this in mind, a great way to keep up with the newer models of your current phone is to sell an old phone in order to get some money to put toward the latest version. Deciding to sell your mobile device online is a great way to expand the reach of your ad, but this also puts you at risk of scams. Consider the tips we shared in this post to help prevent falling for a scam and, of course, getting the most for your smartphone.

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