Second analyst suggests ‘ridiculously tight’ iPad mini retina supplies

Jamie Feltham
October 24, 2013

A few weeks before the iPad mini with retina display was announced an analyst suggested that short supplies of the device would make it scarce when it launched this year. Now that it’s announced, a second analyst is saying the same thing.

IHS’s Rhoda Alexander had said that supplies are expected to be ‘ridiculously tight’ for the new device. The quote concerns the fourth quarter release of device. Supply with undoubtedly be picking up in 2014. We can’t comment on just how accurate this second analyst’s remarks will be, but things are certainly lining up.

To add a bit of fuel to the fire ourselves; we raised an eyebrow when Apple failed to give the Mini 2 a specific launch date at its conference earlier this week. The company fixed a November 1st release date to the iPad Air, but only said ‘late November’ for its little brother. Normally we wouldn’t make much of it, but the extended wait makes us wonder.

Either way, at least some supply of the iPad Mini with retina display will be launching in November. It starts at £319.

Source: Telegraph

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