Save £168 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with Three

Thomas Wellburn
May 3, 2016

UK mobile network operator Three has today announced some juicy reductions on several high-end handsets, with the biggest saving coming after the purchase of a Galaxy S7 edge.

The Galaxy S7 edge has dropped in monthly price from £59 per month to only £52; this includes 30GB data and all-you-can-eat minutes. Meanwhile the regular S7 is now going for £44 per month on a two-year contract; this includes 300 minutes, unlimited texts and all-you-can-eat data. Not to be left out, the iPhone 6s has also dropped to £44 per month on a 4GB data plan, with savings up to £74 on the previous deals.

Three has also dropped prices on various older handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has dropped from £39 per month to £34 (4GB data and all-you-can-eat-minutes). It’s the same story for the edge model, which sees a reduction from £43 per month to £38 per month (4GB data and all-you-can-eat-minutes). The older 16GB iPhone 6 completes the list of price drops, with a reduction from £53 per month to £50 per month (All-you-can-eat-everything).

Happy price reductions everyone!

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