Samsung Galaxy S7 could feature 3D touch

Thomas Wellburn
October 19, 2015

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 could include a variant of 3D touch if the latest rumours are anything to go by.

It’s been revealed that the company submitted a patent for a technology dubbed ‘Touch Input Apparatus and Electronic Device Having Thereof’ back in April 2014, suggesting that they are looking into integrating some form of 3D Touch into their upcoming handsets. Since this is a premium feature, it’s likely that it will debut in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office has published the patent online, allowing anyone to view the idea. Essentially, it allows the display to detect differing pressure levels much like the technology integrated in Apple’s recent iPhone 6s/ 6s plus devices.

This is a pretty expected move, especially as Samsung will want to keep up on the innovation front and compete with the Cupertino tech giant. Expect to see some details in the coming months as we draw closer to the inevitable reveal.


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