The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will help protect you against skin cancer, allegedly

Callum Tennent
July 21, 2014

Just when we thought manufacturers were running out of steam for different types of sensors to cram into their fancy new smartphones, Samsung has managed to take us completely by surprise.

Certainly never one to be afraid of taking a risk or thinking outside the box, Samsung has made a few questionable decisions in its past, but this one seems like a genuinely good idea. According to reported leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could come with an in-built UV sensor.

This sensor, located on the rear of the device, will present users with one of five UV index levels: Low, Moderate, High, Very High, and Extreme.

These levels carry with them a relative set of warnings to inform the user of how to best prevent themselves from harm. After all, overlong exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, sunstroke, and even skin cancer. These warning will include things like reminders of how often to apply suncream, and at what factor, how long to spend outdoors in one sitting, and recommended articles of clothing to wear for additional protection.

It also comes with a list of facts debunking various common misconceptions about spending time in the sun, reminding users that you  can still burn in the shade, and that sun tans  aren’t healthy.

In order for the sensor to work accurately it will need to be facing the sun at an angle of at least 60 degrees. However just how long it will need to be exposed to the baking hot summer sun before providing a reading is unknown, which is a little worrying. After all, we all know what leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time can do to it (hint: bad things).

Samsung really made a push to get S Health back on track with the Galaxy S5  after something of a false start within the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S5 was the first smartphone to contain a heartbeat monitor, which was innovative if a little inconsistent, and now Samsung looks to have come up with yet another neat feature.

What with the big push being made by just about every mobile brand to emphasise health and fitness with their new devices, this could be something to seriously set apart the Galaxy Note 4 from its phablet rivals.

We’ll get to see the device for the first time when it’s revealed at IFA Berlin 2014 this September.


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