Samsung confirms the Galaxy S4 Zoom – you picked it

Alex Walls
June 12, 2013

You probably picked it, but – Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

The rumours about the Zoom have been swirling for a while, after it was reportedly spotted on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, described as resembling the S4 Mini but with a 16MP rear camera and optical zoom.

And lo, the rumours were true; Samsung has confirmed the S4 Zoom will pack at 16MP rear facing camera with 10x optical Zoom, which TechCrunch reported was the strongest available.

The pictures show a phone which looks very much like the Galaxy Camera, which I suppose is not unexpected.  It’s a little jarring to see the lens jutting out from the back of a phone, but for camera enthusiasts or perhaps those traveling the world, I can see this phone being attractive; while it does look a little like a lens has been slapped on the back of a phone, it’s still a fairly sleek looking object, unlike what could have been.GALAXY S4 zoom_2

Samsung have said the Zoom would be available in the UK “this summer”, with dates to be confirmed later.

The breakdown

Aside from the mass of megapixels, the device has some respectable specs.  Measuring 125.5 by 63.5 mm and a reasonably hefty 15.4mm thick, the device weighs 208g.

It comes with a 1.5GHz dual core processor with 1.5GHz RAM, but with a fairly measley 8GB of internal storage (however it will be microSD expandable), and will run Android 4.2 (Jelly bean).

The screen will measure 4.3 inches with 960 by 540 pixel resolution and the device will feature a 2330mAh battery.

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