A ‘safe’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has now exploded

Thomas Wellburn
September 28, 2016

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 deemed to be safe has exploded in China, throwing into question the safety of new handsets.

Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has exploded. Yes another one. If you’ve got sick of hearing about these devices going up in flames, this story is a bit different. It turns out that the Note 7 featured was actually one of the ‘safe’ models which isn’t supposed to contain the battery defect.

Hui Renjie purchased the device in China, which was charging at the time of incident. The smartphone reportedly burst into flames, burning two of his fingers and damaging a MacBook Pro in the process. A Sasmsung representative got in touch to obtain the handset for investigation but Renjie declined.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is unsafe


The device featured in the pictures included the new black square marking on the packaging, an indicator that this was one of the newer handsets supposedly unaffected by the issue. According to CNNMoney, this represents the fourth report of a Note 7 battery-related fire in China.

Initial thoughts were that the number of affected devices was much lower in China, while the global recall is currently limited to western markets and Korea. This new incident makes us wonder whether this issue is much more widespread than initially thought. If even ‘safe’ handsets are exploding, it makes you wonder what Samsung can do to fix the problem.

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