Review: WD My Passport Ultra 4TB portable hard disk drive

Stephen Watson
February 12, 2019

Available from for £142.49

Here at What Mobile, we have reviewed a few of the external hard drives and this time is our chance to review the My Passport Ultra 4TB portable hard drive. This disk drive is available at £142.49 and is available in 3 different sizes 1TB, 2TB & 4TB and available in two colours blue or white.

In this review, we are reviewing the white 4TB hard drive. As with previous models we have reviewed like the older version of the 2TB my Passport ultra the key difference is the size the new version of the My Passport Ultra is a lot more slimline compared to the last version.  However, where they are similar is the plastic and metal combo in design. You see a metal front and a plastic back. You will also notice a small LED at the top of the device and this shows when the device is active or not.

You will also see you are given a user guide and a USB-C connector and adaptor use to turn into a normal Type- A USB adaptor. Weight wise its just over 200g which is not heavy considering what its job is. The storage uses an OEM drive and has two platters of 5400RPM each with a 2TB capacity making the product 4TB in total.

We have recently used this to store all the files required for the recent Mobile News Award Judging day as we needed a hard drive that could handle a large number of files and I have to say it stored the files very quickly taking about 1 minute to do so. This is not the fasted portable hard drive in the market but we only had to wait 1 minute it’s not a big deal for 20GB we used.

You also get access to the WD Discovery software with gives you a dashboard that you can via the drive and also the cloud storage called My Cloud Home please note you need an account to use the cloud storage.  

My Passport Ultra gives you a 3-year warranty and does provide decent performance for what you require. What I like about this is the USB-C to USB Type A adaptor plus the warranty make this product worthwhile.   

So if your looking for a portable storage device and can handle waiting about 1 minute for your files to download this is a great device.

Available from for £142.49

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