Review: Targus Groove X2 Max laptop backpack

Stephen Watson
August 5, 2019

Available from the Targus Website for £39

Here at What Mobile, we get to review some great tech but if you have a 2-in-1 or your laptop and need to travel to work you need a bag. We have been lucky to have the chance to review the Targus Groove X2 Max.

Targus is a brand most people are aware of its a brand of bag you see all the time on the Underground.  The Groove X2 Max is a great bag I have really enjoyed using and is ideal for that daily commute as its got so much space and at the same time simply blends into the background which is great as if am carrying my laptop I don’t want people to know what I am carrying as it makes you a target to thieves. 

The bag is available in 3 colours Dark Coral, Navy & Charcoal and only costs £39.  In this review we was given the charcoal version. This bag allows you to take your 15 inch laptop plus basically anything else you want with you. Its basically a portable office.

The bag has a protective velvet lining as well as water-resistant material on the outside.  As mentioned this bag has it all! You’re given a handle on the side of the bag and one at the top which is very handy when you’re in a rush say at an airport.  

The bag really does have a lot of space and has 3 main sections at the back you have space for your laptop up to a 15 inch laptop but in my case my 14-inch Chromebook fits perfectly and uses Targus sling protection that protects your laptop if you dropped your bag as the laptop does not touch the bottom of the bag.

In the middle you can also fit a second laptop into the insert in the picture below it also has a strap to keep it safe and also room for books if you need it.

You also have an area in the middle section that you can keep a power bank and cable and although a little fiddly you have a space on the side for threading a charging cable out of one side of the bag which is great when you’re on the move and need a charge.

At the front, you also have a section which consists of 2 pockets a smaller one at the top that is ideal for keeping your keys or even sunglasses and then a larger pocket at the front that will keep things like your note pad and other day to day essentials.

What I really like about this bag is the padded air mesh design at the rear meaning it allows airflow when you have both straps on and for me, it stopped me sweating on my back which with other bags seems to be a regular issue I face.

You can also adjust the shoulder straps very easy for when you want to carry on one shoulder or when cycling. Something I thought was very cool and did take a while to find is the secret pocket which can be accessed midway the air mess system which is great for keeping the important documents you need a little extra safety.

You also get a side pocket for a bottle of water. 

Overall this bag for the price is amazing value not only do you get 8 sections to keep things is simply amazing. The air mess system not only keeps you cool but also helps your back against strain and I love the secret pocket. At £39 you can carry a crazy amount of gadgets and personal items for your daily commute. Plus with Targus Sling protection you know if you did drop your bag your laptop would be safe against damage.

Well worth the price gets a 5-star rating from us!

Available from the Targus Website for £39

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