Review: Skullcandy Crusher 360 Limited Edition

Stephen Watson
March 9, 2019

Skullcandy Crusher 360 Limited Edition – £269.99 via

The last overhead Skullcandy headphones we tested was the Skullcandy Venue that took away that teenage feel and brought a classy look and the Crusher 360 does the same as they are beautifully designed and very comfortable but let’s see how these really performed.  

The Crusher 360 provides the signature bass-heavy sound but these come with the special feature of touch control sensory bass that takes the level of bass to a new level.  

After testing these over the last weeks I have fallen in love with the hardcore bass of these headphones but unfortunately, the bass overtakes the rest of the sound. Costing £269.99 and coming in a stunning black and tan colour. The crusher 360 is made of metal, plastic and leather combo and look, pure class. The headband and earcups are lined with synthetic leather that makes for a comfortable fit and folds away when not in use. The headphones come with Micro USB Cable, 3.5mm cable and Hardshell carry case. 

The design also brings all the controls to the rear of the headphones something I personally don’t like but see why it was designed that way as they want the controls not to appear on the front on the earphones. On the back of the right cup, you have the main controls such as playback, pairing, volume control.

While the left cup has the power with battery level shown by 5 LED lights and the touchpad for the sensory bass on the cup of the headphones. You can control the bass by sliding your fingers up or down the adjust the level of Bass.  

You also get a micro USB charge cable and are also given 3.5mm cable that includes a 3 button remote control for a wired control if you wish. The only downfall is when in a wired mode you cant change the bass level.

The sound performance of the crusher 360 is where the headphones have a mixed feeling you get at times an overwhelming level of bass even when the sensory bass is off when you turn that sensory bass on the overall sound is simply eaten up by a headshaking level of bass. However, One thing these headphones do well is creating an isolated noise cancellation without the need of ANC.  

The Battery life is up at 29 hours of battery life and in over 2 weeks of use, I think I have only charged these twice and want more you get fast charging so from only 10 minutes of charge you get 3 hours of charge.  When using the sensory bass expect the hours of battery to decrease.

Overall, the crusher 360 Limited edition overhead headphones provide a brain shaking bass and these are great to see friends and family’s reaction when you try songs like Promises by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith or check out the reaction on peoples face when you put something like The Greatest show the theme song of the Greatest showman these headphones come into there own.

The overall sound is affected but the bass is insane I have never experienced anything like this. So if your looking for headphones but the sound quality over the bass is more important look elsewhere try the Skullcandy Venue as the highs are dull with the crusher 360 but if the bass is your thing like me these are simply a game changer.  

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