Review: mydlink Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-8325LH)

Stephen Watson
March 9, 2020

The D-Link Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera available for £128.99 from Amazon

Security in our home is very important and D-Link are one of the leading brands in home security and have released the D-Link Smart Full HD Wi-Fi camera that linked to other D-Link security options via the mydlink app. 

The main features of this Wi-Fi camera are that it has AI-based motion detection that allows for better detection. It has a 151° view and comes in full HD quality.

We have reviewed a number of D-Link products and sometimes set up can be a little problematic however with this camera set up was very easy to do.  It connects right away as long as you have the Mydlink app you just follow the instructions and its set up in no time. It will also ask you to set up a designated contact which is vital for any alerts.  

One of the features of this device is the fact it offers motion alerts but D-Link has given you something extra with multi-zone motion detection allowing you to focus on more than one area which helps reducing false positives.

D-Link also gives you boundary crossing which means if someone crosses it you are then alerted. This camera also comes with AI motion detection but its not the best as there are no person detection settings which they could improve on.

D-Link also has another feature you can set up home automation which helps you get a more accurate motion-based trigger. The use of smart home IFTTT if you get a motion trigger if would turn a smart light on to scare an intruder away. 

Using this camera over the last few weeks I thought it performed very well and the image quality was great and that 151° view means you monitor an area with flexible placement. The footage was excellent due to the full HD 1080P quality and also has good quality night vision. 

When using this camera you want to be able to record footage and this can be done using cloud recording or the microSD slot giving you options as some cloud recording options can be an extra cost you might not want. D-Link does offer a free subscription option for cloud recording but is limited to 3 cameras and as I use multiple devices it was not possible.

So overall if you are looking for an indoor camera this with great features such as the motion detection and multi-zone motion detection allowing you to protect different areas of view. If you are like me and have multiple D-Link products set up is very simple and quick to do and will integrate into your current security set up with ease. The camera compared to other indoor cameras is a little expensive at priced at £128.99 but can you put a price on security? 


  • Design- 5 stars
  • Features- 4 stars
  • Performance- 4 stars
  • Value for Money- 4 stars

Overall- 4.2 stars

The D-Link Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera available for £128.99 from Amazon

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