Review: KitSound Slam XL Party Speaker- 5 Stars!

Stephen Watson
January 9, 2019

The KitSound Slam XL is available from Amazon for £116. 35

Kitsound is a brand we have reviewed many items such as many of there headphones and speakers like the Kitsound Boombar 2+.  This time is the turn of the Kitsound Slam XL and its a beast in terms of size and sound.

The Slam XL is a beast in terms of sound it has a 100 W output. And gives that that party feel with LED lights, different mood settings and even strobe lights to make this speaker really stand out.

There is no denying this is a big speaker the dimensions are H 189 mm x W 473 mm x D 252 mm and it weighs 4.8 KG so its a beast but it packs a punch when it comes to sound. The speaker has a 100 W output with 2x 5-inch full range driver and loads of bass making this all you need for a party as the sound will fill a room.  Want to make this speaker sound even better buy two and link them to create that stereo sound. I have already ordered a second to test the stereo sound but am expecting it to sound amazing.

The design of this speaker looks good it got a black metal grill on the front protecting these 5-inch drivers. On the top, there is a control panel with 8 buttons and in order from left to right, they are – Power, Volume Down, Volume Up, Chill Mode, Party Mode, Strobe light mode, colour change and stereo pairing.

The speaker Bluetooth speaker with a 30-meter range meaning you don’t need to be next to the speaker to change track. On the back of the speaker is the following Bass port, USB Port which is handy if you need to charge a device and an Auxillary port to turn it from wireless to wired. I would only use the wired set up on a long term speaker. The Speaker also comes with a rubber handle for easy transportation and rubber feet to provide a grip on the speaker.   

As mentioned this speaker packs a punch with a 100 W output and 2x 5-inch speakers they really pack a punch with incredible deep bass but not at the expense of the highs or mids. What turns this speaker into the life and the lights that create that disco feel and helps create the mood. You can use 3 settings Chill, Party & Strobe lighting you will notice the lights flow with the beat of the music. The speaker lights have 4 different colours such as Blue, Green, Red, Purple. 

The only thing to consider is if you know someone who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy make sure you don’t have the strobe lighting setting but as long as you are careful and don’t use that setting around them you will be fine.

So overall if you’re looking for a party speaker that won’t cost the world in fact at £116 from Amazon you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost. This Speaker gives a deep bass that you will love. And with 3 different light settings, this speaker will be your partner in crime for any party and with the chance to create a stereo sound set up the Slam XL is the first item on the party list.     

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