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December 9, 2019

KEF MUO wireless speaker £129 from

We review many speakers here at What Mobile and KEF is in that upper price range. KEF is the luxury British brand with 50 years of innovation in pursuit of the clearest reproduction of recorded sound. The speaker we are reviewing is the KEF MUO sitting at £129 normally £179. This price could put some people off but keep with us and the sound quality is ace!  

Design-wise it’s well made the body is made of a piece of aluminium that is shaped and with only the ends as separate parts both plastic and two rubber feet at its base. KEF mention the design is such for eliminating unwanted vibrations. Also on the base is the aux input for wired connection.

On one side you have all the controls- Volume, Power and Bluetooth pairing.  

Colour-wise this speaker comes in the following:

  • Metal 
  • Light Silver
  • Neptune Blue
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Sunset Orange
  • Storm Grey

Inside the speaker you have, you have 2x 50 mm uniQ drivers which are also found in the larger speakers that pack both the mid and treble driver sections in the same unit this speaker also comes with a powerful bass radiator that helps create award-winning sound. A feature this speaker offers is NFC for quick pairing every time and Bluetooth 4.0 aptX capability which means streaming music becomes a pleasure and also gives you up to 10 meters of use.

Another feature if your willing to buy two of these speakers is the chance create stereo sound and make the sound quality even better. The KEF MUO can also be used horizontally or vertically and the speaker has a sensor to optimise the sound depending on how you use the speaker.  KEF also mention a battery life of 12 hours I have been testing this for a good week now and they are good to their word. On the control panel if you press the power button it will indicate the level of power by the colour that appears: 

  • Blue – 100%
  • Yellow- Above 50% 
  • White- Below 50%
  • Red – below 20% 

KEF has continued to produce its award-winning sound profile and do this by giving you such detail and this is done by having the mid-range and treble in the same area and that bass radiator creating a sound that is just glorious.

Turn this speaker up and it also performs very well showcasing crisp highs. It pumps out the vocals when listening to Kate Nash Foundations and does this with power and great dynamics.  KEF produce such a great sound by doing something a little different to its rivals. It uses one driver for the high-end frequencies and the other for the lower ones and this is expected to be what helps the bass radiator. If your looking for a portable speaker with quality sound profile then consider buying this speaker! 

Overall, if you’re looking for a portable speaker with a quality sound profile for these audio fans the detail of the music is second to none.  You will find it hard to find better. At the reduced price of £129, it’s a steal and will impress whenever its

My only negative is this speaker not waterproof meaning its best to keep this speaker inside. Another downside to this speaker is it won’t let you use it to take and make calls, which is disappointing. Charging this speaker took me nearly 3 hours which is shocking for a speaker this size.

That aside, If your looking for a speaker with all the tricks look away but if you want a speaker that simply puts 100% focus into the sound quality this is for you! Sound quality is just a joy!

KEF MUO wireless speaker £129 from

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