Review: Groov-e Elite Wireless headphones

Stephen Watson
December 4, 2018

Groov-e Elite Wireless headphones – £69.99 from

Normally if you want headphones with ANC technology you got to be looking at over the £100 mark for a good pair. Introducing the Groov-e Elite wireless headphones that provide ANC but at a manageable cost.

The design of these headphones are a nice look they use a lot of plastic and the earcups are an odd shape if am being picky.  The headband design is solid with minimal padding used which to create a soft touch finish including the earcups with a soft finish around the earcups for extra comfort.  We used these for over 6 hours at one time and they stayed as comfortable as when I first put them on.


The Elite headphones also fold away and fit in a hard shell case that is sturdy to keep the headphones safe if you are not using them while travelling. In the case, you also find the micro-USB Charger and 3.5mm headphone cable for when the battery dies and you want to switch to a wired connection.

In terms of using the design pairing, these did take a few tries which were a little annoying but simply hold the play button for 4 seconds and you will then get a red/blue light that shows they are trying to pair then connect on your handset. Now the battery life is stated to last 12 hours but when using the ANC we found they would only hold about 10 hours. They did last a good few days when using these for travelling to work and back so I was pleased. Charging did not take long at all, in fact, we had a full battery in about an hour of full charge.

The control buttons are all located on the left-hand side of the headphone and that includes the following:

  • Play/Pairing/Power
  • Fast Forward
  • Rewind

On the front of the earcup, you have the ANC button shown with the Groov-e logo on the front of it.  You also have a built-in microphone that enables the use of these headphones when receiving and making calls.

The main features of these headphones are the ANC, Bluetooth connectivity, In-built Microphone.  The inclusion of ANC plus the passive noise isolation you get from the earcup design and padding provide an excellent noise cancellation. The Bluetooth connectivity 90% of the time is very good however sometimes when travelling I have had minimal interference.

The inclusion of the inbuilt microphone was a negative we found when making calls and having a conversation provided problematic as anyone I called could only hear me very faintly which meant I had to disconnect and use my phone without them.  

In terms of performance, we have mentioned the ANC works well and for the cost, this is a big bonus. You also have the Super Bass technology which gives the listening experience that extra punch which for the base lovers this is a great addition. However, the Super Bass although enjoyable for the bass fan but it does come at a cost as the highs are a little muffled and leaving an audio fan a little disappointed.  However, remember these headphones are in the budget range so keep your expectations at the same level of the cost and you won’t be disappointed.

So overall, If you want a budget pair of headphone that has a mixture of comfort and ANC technology then these headphones should be considered. If you enjoy bass the super bass is for use but it does affect the other sound elements. The design of these considering the cost is not bad they are a solid pair of headphones that allow long-term use. The battery gives 10 hours of charge and then with the option to turn into a wired connection they do the job.

The Main negatives I found with these are the ANC needs to be turned off independently of headphones so some people might forget switching both off which has a draining effect of the battery if left on. You will also find a lot of sound leakages if the volume up to 80%. We also mentioned the fact taking calls on these are also a major issue and hope Groov-e consider this when they design the next model.

So for £69.99, they are a decent pair but you can find much better on the market but with the Introduction of ANC for a budget pair of headphones if that your price range for headphones they are worth considering.

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