Review: Fusion Premium Wireless Headphones by Advanced Accessories

Stephen Watson
December 6, 2018

Fusion Premium Wireless Headphones by Advanced Accessories- £29.99

We have covered a number of overhead headphones and here is the turn of Fusion V1 wireless headphones. These are a budget pair of headphones and on the first appearance, you can tell they are budget they look cheap which is disappointing as I think the look might put some people off but bear with guys looks can be deceiving keep with me.

They are made up of a lot of plastic with a decent level of padding in the earcups and on the inside of the band I feel they have gone for a similar design to the Sony MDR-XB650BT (£59.99) but on a budget. They also have also designed the earcups to swivel so the cups lay flat which is handy when putting them in your bag once the battery run out.   

The Main Features given are:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 4 Hour Battery
  • FM Radio
  • Micro SD Slot
  • Track/Volume Control
  • Call Handling
  • NFC

Now the comfort of these headphones is something that has been considered they are nice on and comfortable on for the time you have them on.  The other positive features we have is the fact they have a Micro SD slot so if you want to store music on your SD card and used the headphones its a good feature but personally I feel most people will use their mobile and listen to music via Spotify so seems a bit of a pointless feature but if you store music oan a SD card its great to have and you won’t find many headphones with that feature.

Another bonus for these headphones are the controls are all the right-hand cup and this includes the: on/off button, Fast Forward, Rewind and the FM Radio button. You also find the SD Card slot and the Micro-USB port and the 3.5mm jack. I prefer everything on one side on my headphone so they score here as well.  

In terms of performance, they are not that bad pairing is very simple and they pair quickly due to the use of NFC technology which is a nice addition for a pair of budget headphones. Sound wise you also get a decent performance for headphones in this price range listening to something like Funny Business by Alice Merton the bass is really powerful and the vocals are nice and clear the only downfall is the some of the highs become muffled. However, for budget headphones, the listeners are not going to notice.  

If you want a song that these headphones really shine is Leave a Light on by Tom Walker it was a pleasure to use these headphones listening to this song they simply nailed the bass, mids and hights.

Using the call feature on these also is not bad I could hear the caller nice and clear but the person on the other end felt inbuilt mic could have been a bit better but was acceptable.

Now onto the negatives, the battery only holds four hours so I have to charge these every day and I can see some people avoiding them for that fact.  We have reviewed many headphones on this site and 4 hours charge is the lowest I have ever seen.

The FM radio I really did not like this feature. Firstly I don’t see the point of it you have wireless headphones and most people have their phone with them all the time so if you want to listen to a radio station we all have apps we can download and music via Spotify.  When I looked past this fact and gave the FM radio a chance it drove me nuts trying to tune a station in as I did not know which way to tune to find my favourite station and when I did that I got the sound of radio before the DAB was introduced. Now I want my technology to improve my listening experience not take me back in time.

So overall, These budget headphones have a questionable look to them I feel its a little too much plastic for my liking but the sound when listening to music or making calls is not to bad for the price. If Advanced Accessories want to make some changes to create a better product please increase the battery as 4 hours charge is not enough and please bin the FM radio feature or at least put some kind of indication what station you are on.

So if you only have a small budget and want a comfortable pair of headphones with decent sound go and have a look for a pair of these but for anyone that want to have headphones with more then 4 hours charge then you need to look elsewhere am afraid.  

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