Review: 1More Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Headphones- Bluetooth e-Sport Gaming Earphones.

Stephen Watson
December 11, 2018

1More Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Headphones- Available for £69.99 from Amazon

2018 has brought us some fantastic tech one brand am very pleased to be introduced to is 1More. We have reviewed a number of fantastic products from them and this time we have sent the Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Headphones.

On inspection, they are very similar in design to the 1More Triple Driver BT Headphones, in fact, the only main difference is the colour with the VR BT Headphones being red and black.  I really like the design and the colour I still use the Triple Driver BT in-Ear Headphones so the switch was not an issue.

The Main difference is the Spearhead VR BT Headphones are gaming headphones compared to the normal headphones designed for music lovers.  So when you take out of the packaging you’re greeted by the display box that I come to love with 1More it’s the little things and a professional looking packaging gives me my first impression that I have a quality bit of kit here. Now, 1More also provide you with the following in addition to the headphones. You get three different earpieces, USB-C Cable, Instructions and a plastic branded travel bag. So for the cost of £69.99 via Amazon, you have a bargain here.


Taking a look closer at the headphones and the design you will notice they use the dynamic driver and also omit the LDAC protocol for higher quality audio streaming perfect for online games. You will also notice in the ears they have LED lights which come with four different lighting modes all accessed via the 1More assistant app.

The Unique selling point with these apart from the quality sound we come to expect is the use of Virtual Environment Sound Technology this is a 3D audio but is virtually simulated you can only get this benefit via the app but it’s worth it.

In terms of the performance we wanted to test these via a Razor or Asus gaming phone but unfortunately we are still waiting for these to come in so for this review we connected them to a Smart TV and Playstation for the Gaming side and used an iPhone X that our Friends at Mobile Phones Direct provided for these kinds of reviews.

Now in terms of comfort they are designed with the use of the neckband just like the Triple Driver headphones we have reviewed previous which is comfortable as the weight is shared across the neck so you have nothing pulling down on you and the earphones fit perfectly the right amount of earphone into the ear and not uncomfortable like a list of headphones I could mention.  

Now my future brother-in-law is the big gamer in the family so I got him to test these and he mentioned connecting these where very simple to his Smart TV or phone.  Now he plays a lot of walk-through games and also action adventure games and said the sound is really immersive with the use of the Virtual environment sound technology which gives you that  3D audio experience. He also used them when gaming on his phone and when he played Marvel Strike Force on the iPhone X the sound was clear with a deep bass and no noticeable distortion so an overall quality sound.

He also used these for listening to music via Spotify and was also happy with the sound quality as he mentioned if your looking for headphones that provide quality bass but not take anything from the highs or mids these are the perfect purchase.

Other benefits you get with these headphones is a microphone built in which for making and taking calls that has a very good quality I was told when making calls which make you sound crystal clear.  The wireless range is 35 ft which is incredible for headphones under the £100 mark and with Bluetooth V 4.2 you get the best Bluetooth signal you can get. Finally, with a full battery, you get 6 hours of playtime which is great. What is even better is you also get a fast charge with 1-hour charge gives you 3 hours of playtime.    

So overall these headphones provide some quality sound with some fantastic audio profile and for under £100 these are a steal as they are perfect for either gaming or casual music listening.

( I will be giving these a second review once we get a razor phone for the gaming experience)

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