This quarter saw growth for Apple and Samsung in the US, whilst Blackberry’s slide continues

Callum Tennent
March 10, 2014

The US smartphone market share reports are out for the fiscal quarter ending January 2014 courtesy of comScore, and it makes for pretty predictable reading.

Apple’s rise continues, with a 1% growth meaning they now control 41.6% of the smartphone market in America. The only surprising thing about this is perhaps that even with Apple’s dominance they still continue to find ways to grow in a market which new Android competitors enter every month.

Samsung were the other big winners in the manufacturing stakes, showing a 1.3% increase in market share. The Korean giants now provide handsets for 26.7% of US-based smartphone owners.

With Apple’s growth, Android as a platform has actually receded slightly. It’s still the market’s majority operating system though, with a share of 51.7% – a drop off of 0.5%.

Also forced to make way for Apple’s growth was BlackBerry, continuing its decline with a quarterly loss of 0.5% of the OS market share. It now rests at just 3.1% – that’s 0.1% lower than Windows Phone.

In the app stakes it’s Facebook which reigns supreme. An incredible 77.6% of all smartphones have Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking app installed. Google Play sits in second place with a 52.4% reach, but that’s hardly surprising seeing as it comes pre-loaded on the vast majority of Android devices.

The most interesting takeaway from the app charts would probably be that Twitter, with its 500 million registered users, is only 1.4% more popular than The Weather Channel’s mobile app (22.8% and 21.4% respectively).


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