Qualcomm’s own smart watch launching December 2, $349.99 price tag

Jordan O'Brien
November 18, 2013

The smart watch game is getting even more manufacturers, with Qualcomm announcing the release date of its own Toq smartwatch. If you haven’t heard of the Toq before, then it’s not a powerhouse like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but it’s a rather muted affair with a low-powered 200Mhz Cortex M3 processor, which has been added specifically to ensure long battery life. The Toq also has a reflective Mirasol display, which is technology we first saw in e-ink-style e-readers.

The Toq will work with Android phone only from launch, with an app that will be made available from Google Play, and will be sold directly from Qualcomm’s website, rather than through retail partners.

It will launch on December 2 for $349.99

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