Price comparison app for Google Glass

Alan O'Doherty
August 20, 2013

A US developer has created an app for Google Glass that allows users to compare prices on goods by scanning the barcode. The app, known as Crystal Shopper, brings up pricing information as well as Amazon ratings on whatever is scanned.

Developed by Lance Nacek, the concept behind the app is not a completely revolutionary one as similar programs are available for conventional smartphones today, such as Amazon’s Price Check. However, the obvious advantage of such a program for Google Glass is the ability to quickly scan an item without the need to reach for a smartphone.

Self Screen reported that while the app is still in its early stages (the current interface is pretty basic and functionality is limited to scanning items with no way to browse reviews or see where else a product is available) it’s a promising development.

A wave of consumer friendly apps are likely to be on the horizon in light of the recent news that Google Glass shouldn’t be out of the price range for most shoppers, with sources claiming the device will retail at around £200.

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