Potential Apple Watch upgrades leaked

Thomas Wellburn
May 19, 2015

Details about potential tweaks to the Apple Watch may have been leaked courtesy of 9to5Mac. 

The rumours suggest that you’ll see third party “complications” (elements that show calendars, the weather and more) on watch faces. While it won’t mean true third party watch faces, it will mean that you have a quick way to check app information without glancing at your phone. 

Apple could also be looking into loss and theft, with a new ‘find my watch’ feature in the pipeline that would be used to help track, lock and wipe the device remotely. Since the device can’t really connect to the internet on its own, it would determine its location using its own wireless signals and take advantage of ‘Smart Leashing’. If the Watch thinks its been stolen or lost, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone to tell you where it is. The type of notification will be “a tap or light notice” if the watch believes you have misplaced it. This feature may need new wireless hardware to work correctly though, so don’t expect it anytime soon.

Apple TV could also be getting watch integration too, with the device acting as a primary input for the next-Generation of streaming boxes. Although the newer Apple TV models will be bundled with upgraded remote controls, the user will be able to take full control of the box with their Apple Watch as a bonus feature.

One area that Apple is really hoping to expand is the Health and Fitness applications. Using the currently available hardware, they want to improve on the heart sensor so it can detect and notify a user of an irregular heartbeat. In later hardware, they hope to able to add blood pressure monitors and sleep tracking features, with glucose sensors built into future variants.

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