Possible Nokia C1 images leak online

Thomas Wellburn
November 26, 2015

Fresh images of the rumoured Nokia C1 Android handset have appeared on a popular Chinese social media network.

We all know that Nokia is planning a return to the Android market in 2016, though most signs point to a low or mid-range handset as opposed to a more premium device. The Nokia C1 is one such device; it’ll likely be an accessible handset aimed at more entry-level users. Fresh images of the device have leaked over on Chinese social media website Weibo, showing the Nokia Z launcher in tow. It looks like it could also be available in a multitude of colours, including pink, grey, gold and white.

There are a few oddities with the image that make me question its authenticity though… One is the position of the volume controls, which appear to sit right next to the camera sensor. In terms of ergonomics, this makes little to not sense. Also, I can’t help but feel that the overall render looks a little close to the iPhone 4 and 5 devices.

Either way, we’ll know more when the company is free’d from Microsoft’s contractual obligations in 2016.

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