Possible image of LG Nexus 5 leaks

Thomas Wellburn
August 17, 2015

A member of the Google+ community has leaked possible images of the upcoming LG Nexus 5.

We’ve already heard rumours that LG and Huawei are planning to produce the next line of Nexus smartphones with things such as fingerprint sensors; now it seems there’s a leaked image to back it up. The photo comes courtesy of the Nexus Indonesia Google+ community, where it was shared by a user named “Inno Yudha”.

The picture shows the rear of a white Nexus handset, though there is no branding on the device to clearly identify who the manufacturer is. The ‘Nexus’ logo can be seen printed onto the cover, while a small LG sticker is all we have to identify the brand. The design aesthetics are identical to a leak which appeared last week where various renders were released of a black device. This suggests a strong possibility that this is the LG Nexus 5. Notice the chrome ring (which is presumably a fingerprint sensor) and protruding camera sensor which can be clearly seen in both leaks.

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