PlayStation Network hacked again

Manny Pham
January 5, 2016

PlayStation Network has been hacked, ceasing all services on Sony’s online service. 

Hacker collective Phantom Squad have claimed responsibility on their official Twitter account.

Phantom Squad had warned in 2015 that they would be attacking PSN, stating their intentions in a tweet on Boxing Day. Further tweets display the groups intention of extending the outage until the 7th of January, unless Sony take action.

With it being the festive period a couple of weeks ago, many PlayStation 4 consoles were nestled under trees across the country. An official figure is unavailable at the moment but with how the tide is going, Sony can definitely expect to announce a massive increase in sales thanks to the festive period. But this also means more victims in these DDoS attacks – gamers affected by the attack vented their frustrations on Twitter.



Users have also reported how the hack has extended to other PSN services such as PlayStation Music. Which raises concerns here on whether PlayStation’s new messaging app will remains secure from being hacked. So far it only seems Phantom Squad are focusing on disrupting services, extracting private information is a possibility but does anyone really want to read an essay from a ten-year-old, on how he would fornicate your mum?

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Image via PlayStation Info.

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