PlayStation Mobile is shutting down for good – here’s how to not lose your purchases!

Callum Tennent
March 17, 2015

It may not have been the biggest service, or the most popular, but it has been announced that as of July 15th PlayStation Mobile will be shutting down.

Sony’s gaming app store offered an array of mobile titles to both Android and PS Vita users, but will soon cease to exist. This means that if you don’t download all your games, redeem your purchases or use up your in-app purchase credits before it’s too late you’ll lose them forever.

Whilst the shut down will be taking place on July 15th, the servers will be switching off for good on September 10th.

To ensure that all of your purchased games remain available you’ll have to follow a couple of simple steps. If you’re a PS Vita owner, power on your device and go to Settings > PSN > System Activation > PlayStation Mobile > Activate, and then hit ‘OK’. This means that all currently downloaded games will be available forever. If you don’t follow these steps then it won’t even matter if you have them downloaded – they’ll be rendered useless.

If you’re an Android user, make sure you open up the PlayStation Mobile app between the dates of April 10th and July 15th. Launch the games you want to keep playing and you should be okay.

To whomever this rather niche advice may apply to, we send you our deepest commiserations.


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