Play instruments with your entire body – Our Kickstarter of the week

Thomas Wellburn
May 4, 2016

Kickstarter ideas are big business, so long as they get to the final product. With this in mind, we’ve decided to start a weekly piece highlighting the best technology projects currently out there, in the hope of getting a few great ideas into reality.

Wear your music

Today’s highlight is something called ‘Sense’ by XTH, which is a wearable sensor that enables creative ways to interact with music. The company calls it  ‘biocreative’ interaction, as the various integrated sensors will help to generate sounds depending on your creative expression. It’s worn around the arm much like a fitness band and appears to be unobtrusive, with a relatively small footprint. It’s been featured countless times in the media, with Wired, Forbes and BBC Music being notable outlets who have praised the product. The Kickstarter itself has only been around since April 27th and still has 21 days to go before it ends. XTH is hoping to raise $80,000 dollars, which will allow them to begin shipping early units to those who pledge $89 or more.

XTH Sense„¢ – The world’s first biocreative instrument from XTH on Vimeo.

How does it work?

Compared to your average MIDI keyboard or hardware controller which relies on a physical input (your fingers), the Sense interprets these signals through a sensitive microphone, gyroscope and temperature sensor. According to XTH, the’yre powerful enough that they can even detect minute muscle contractions. When combined with the software, it allows the package to ‘extract’ your biological pattern and apply it to various things. This could be anything from music to video to virtual reality and even painting. The video demonstration showed some cool examples of one user drawing with nothing but the power of the Sense.

For more information, head to the Kickstarter page here.

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