Orange offers end-to-end care package

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February 16, 2009

Orange Care is a portfolio of care services, offering protection and peace of mind.

The cover doesn’t just include the handset, but also the content on that handset. It will be extended to laptops in the future.

Cover will include;

  • Transfer of contacts and content from your current phone to the new one at point of sale; with the option to have data automatically backed up over the air at regular intervals.
  • Insurance and Backup; including an extended warranty offering.
  • Recycling; Orange will encourage users to return the phone to be recycled when it is no longer wanted.

Even users on other networks can use the service for backing up their data or handset recycling.

The cost of the enhanced Orange Care package is to be confirmed, but those who sign up will pay a monthly fee or a one-off payment. The service launches in Q2.


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