Orange and T-Mobile is Everything, Everywhere…

Jonathan Morris
May 11, 2010

The long press release goes on at length about how the new Joint-Venture company marks a new name, team, vision and plans for the future – but it’s hardly going to make a big difference for consumers who will continue to buy phones and pay bills to Orange and T-Mobile as before.

What the press release did mention, which many people may have missed, was the statement that later in the year you’ll be able to freely roam from one network to the other.

What does this actually mean?

Well, although the long-term plan is to merge the two networks into a single ‘super-network’, the initial roaming agreement (at no extra cost) could actually boost coverage significantly.

Handsets will generally only seek to roam when they lose signal completely on their own network, so the benefits will greatest in areas where one network is currently weak or not available at all.

In the longer term, duplicate sites will be removed to save money and the network will be merged into one. Before then, having a roaming agreement (something that has never existed in the UK since the launch of GSM in December 1991) gives you the best of both worlds.

An Orange user roaming on T-Mobile should also, in theory, benefit from its own site sharing deal with 3 (a deal that continues despite the merger).

No time has been given for when roaming will start (the press release merely says ‘later this year’) but all of this, along with the launch of the ‘super-network’ should result in a network that is totally unrivalled.

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