Opera kick-starts a mobile ad-block revolution

Thomas Wellburn
May 5, 2016

Opera has beaten the competition to the fence in releasing a native ad-blocker for their mobile application.

The company announced via their blog that the Android Opera browser would receive an update that includes an integrated ad-blocker, so you can browse freely without all those annoying pop-ups ruining your experience. Opera says that the new feature will make web pages load up to 40% faster, while data usage will be reduced by up to 89%. The ad-blocker will not be enabled by default and needs to be activated via the app settings, which can be located by pressing on the “O” menu. From here, head to data savings and toggle the “Block ads” on to get the full ad-free experience.


This is a great move by Opera that should help them to stand out in the mobile browser game, especially since they’ve managed to achieve this feature before the competition. Nobody likes ads, which is exactly why ad-block for Chrome on PC has over 40 million estimated users. We can only hope this spurs the big browsers to follow suit, as it’s a feature that’s greatly needed on mobile browsers, not just for the convenience but for the data savings associated with memory hogging ads…

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