OnePlus USB-C cable could damage your device

Thomas Wellburn
November 16, 2015

A Google engineer has discovered a fault in certain OnePlus accessories that can potentially damage connected devices.

An error has been identified in a couple of OnePlus accessories which has the potential to seriously damage either the host or connected device. Benson Leung, an engineer at Google, was busy testing various USB-C devices when he encountered the issue.

According the Leung, the problem stems from a non-compliant 3A resistor, which is a different specification to the traditional USB power version that comes standard on other USB-C connectors.

Leung said in a Google Plus post (hashtags removed):

“Do NOT buy this USB Type-C to Type-A cable from OnePlus.

It is not spec compliant (uses a 3A identifier resistor instead of the “Default USB Power” one), and may cause damage to your charger, hub, or PC USB port if you use it with ChromebookPixel  or nexus6p   Nexus5x .”

Unfortunately, it’s also the same story for the OnePlus USB-C adapter, which suffers from the same flaw. Many people in the comments are suggesting that the above accessories have been fine for them, so the chance of damage is likely very low. Still, it’s something to keep in mind if you have a OnePlus 2 cable lying around.

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