OnePlus Two definitely won’t launch tomorrow

Thomas Wellburn
June 1, 2015

After all the confusing speculation surrounding the mysterious OnePlus event tomorrow and what we might expect to see, it seems we finally have some concrete answers from founder Carl Pei.

Firstly, the device won’t be called OnePlus Two, it will be called OnePlus 2. Such a pivotal name change that could alter the very fabric of the brand! Jokes aside, OnePlus likely did it to make the naming conventions a little simpler. Most phone brands are moving to a single letter or number to differentiate each of their devices.

Secondly, it seems our hopes and dreams for a surprise OnePlus 2 announcement have been slashed, as the event tomorrow will not concern any new device launches. Pei revealed that the official OnePlus 2 launch would be Q3 2015, meaning we won’t see it for a few more months.

What this event will actually show still remains a mystery, but Pei was keen to emphasise that it is a ‘special’ event. We reported a few days ago about one possible rumour being that the event would announce a price-cut to the existing OnePlus One. With the surprise device announcement definitely not happening, this is likely to be the next closest thing to a ‘special’ announcment.

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