OnePlus 3 survived 750 feet drop test

Manny Pham
August 9, 2016

The OnePlus 3 survived a drop from an airplane at 750 feet. OnePlus are known for quirky marketing, and this is just further evidence of it. 

When you’re scanning the Internet for a new device you’ll look at endless articles, read over comparison sites, trawl through forums to hear about any weird kinks in your potential devices. Sturdiness is something everyone highly values, don’t believe me? Drop your phone in the middle of a busy street and see how many collective winces you can garner (please don’t, I’d rather not get sued).

If you’ve been looking at the OnePlus 3 despite the price hike in the UK, here’s a video for you to scan entirely. In a marketing move, OnePlus decided to throw the OnePlus 3 out of a plane, at 750 feet.

The OnePlus 3 survived!

It survived. Fully functional, including the fingerprint sensor to the amusement of the OnePlus t-shirt adorning employee. The phone landed on a grassy patch of land, had it been concrete I think would have said goodbye to the Gorilla Glass 4 screen. Nonetheless the OnePlus 3 survived an extreme drop test and we’ll gladly take outr hats off to it.

OnePlus dropped the polycarbonate body seen on the OnePlus 2, instead the OnePlus 3 sports a welcomed aluminium unibody. In terms of aesthetics, the OnePlus 3 is just as good as rivalling devices. Now it seems the aluminium also helps out in the sturdiness department.

We reported previously on another Chinese manufacturer, UMI, doing a similar drop test with the UMI London. Although UMI opted to put it in a case and only dropped it at a 100 feet.

Here is the video for you to see for yourself.

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