OnePlus 2 will have a lot of RAM

Thomas Wellburn
July 8, 2015

OnePlus announced today via their blog that the upcoming OnePlus 2 will feature 4GB of low power DDR4 RAM, a first for any smartphone device.

The OnePlus 2 just keeps getting more powerful, with every new reveal adding to its already impressive arsenal. The latest feature revealed by the company is the RAM capacity of the device, which is listed at a massive 4GB. The only current device on the market to offer similar specs is the Asus Zenfone 2, although there are plenty on the horizon. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is also expected to contain the same amount.

DDR phwoar

The big difference between this announcement vs. the competition is the inclusion of LPDDR4 memory, a newer and much faster standard that has only begun making its way into desktops within the last year. We’ve seen it in other flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge but never in such a high amount. This will mark the first smartphone device to have 4GB of LPDDR4 memory, making it a benchmark for all future handsets going forward.

What we already know

We know that the OnePlus 2 will ship with the flagship Snapdragon 810 SOC but if other rumours are anything to go by, the overall device will be a huge leap forward over the previous OnePlus One. Leaked images hint at an all-metal body similar to the HTC One series and a fingerprint sensor ‘twice as fast as the iPhone‘. It’s also rumoured to feature an 8 megapixel selfie camera, which should please budding vanity photographers who enjoy their own reflection.

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