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July 16, 2019

  • Brits living in Birmingham, York, London and Sheffield are the most likely to have cheated during their current relationship
  • The most common reason for cheating on a significant other is boredom
  • One in twenty reckon they are more loyal to their mobile phone network than their partner
  • iD Mobile encourages people to #BeUnfaithful to their current mobile network: dump and switch to iD Mobile and you could save £212*

A survey commissioned by iD Mobile on Brits’ loyalty has found that as a nation, millions of us have been unfaithful to our current significant other.

According to the survey, one in ten have cheated on their current partner. Birmingham, York and London lead the way, with 16% admitting their heads have been turned. Many respondents cited boredom as the most common reason for cheating, while others admitted to doing the dirty on their other half because they felt unloved or neglected. And even more worryingly, one in twenty believe that they are more loyal to their mobile phone network than their partner.

Top ten cities cheating on their current partner:

  1. Birmingham – 16%
  2. York – 16%
  3. London – 16%
  4. Sheffield – 14%
  5. Norwich – 13%
  6. Belfast – 12%
  7. Liverpool – 11%
  8. Southampton – 11%
  9. Cardiff – 11%
  10. Manchester – 10%

Top ten reasons Brits cheat on a partner:

  1. Bored in the relationship
  2. Feeling unloved or neglected by their partner
  3. They were drunk
  4. Had grown apart from partner
  5. Fell in love with someone else
  6. They were hit on by someone else
  7. It was a momentary lapse of judgement
  8. No longer attracted to partner
  9. Took relationship for granted
  10. Missed the novelty of being with someone new

The survey, commissioned by iD Mobile, is part of their #BeUnfaithful campaign; encouraging people to be disloyal and dump their current network for iD Mobile, where they can save an average of £212* (versus going to a major network). The campaign is fronted by queen of loyalty herself and Love Island star, Georgia Steel, who is for the first time breaking her faithfulness.

The survey also highlights the cities which are the most unfaithful overall. Plymouth leads the way, with half (49%) admitting to cheating at some point in a relationship, followed by Cardiff (46%), Birmingham (46%), Sheffield (43%) and York (43%). From those who have cheated, well over a third said that their partner never found out about the betrayal.

However, despite being among the worst for currently cheating on their partner, Liverpool is home to the most faithful adults with two thirds (66%) saying they have never had an affair. Bristol (66%), Newcastle (64%), Southampton (60%) and Manchester (60%) are also among the most loyal cities when it comes to relationships.

Whilst many feel they are loyal to their mobile phone network, as a nation, saving money is the number one reason someone would ditch and switch to a new brand or product they have been loyal to for years, along with convenience and poor customer service. Similarly to why we cheat in relationships, many would even ditch a brand out of boredom.

The most common way Brits get caught out cheating isn’t through sending messages to their bit or bits on the side (6%) but simply by being consumed by guilt and then confessing to their partner, which 18% of people revealed to doing.

However, despite the findings, 96% of people still claim to be loyal, with 66% saying it’s an important trait to have. More than six in ten reckon they are loyal to their friends and family, while 52% feel they are loyal to their partner. One in four say they are also loyal to their football team, 37% to their bank and 21% think they are loyal to their mobile phone network.

iD Mobile’s loyalty queen, the notoriously faithful, Georgia Steel, said: “If there is one thing I am, it’s loyal babes! I am shocked that some people are being more loyal to their mobile network than their partners!

“I know its unlike me but I gotta say it€¦I am encouraging you to #BeUnfaithful, so dump your current network and switch to iD Mobile. You could save around £212, so it really does pay to be unloyal sometimes!”

Lewis Henry, Head of Customer and Marketing at iD Mobile said: “We live in an age where we have more choice than ever before. From online dating to an increasing number of mobile network providers, there have never been more options available to us, meaning loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. 

“For too long customers have been loyal to the same old network, paying for things they don’t use, getting perks they don’t want or need, and not getting anything back in return.

“So, if you want to save money, dumping your network has never been easier.  There’s no time to waste€¦get ghosting and save an average of £212!”

For consumers who want to dump their current network, it has never been easier. It’s now possible to switch and keep your number via a text, in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Consumers text “PAC” for free to ‘65075’
  • Step 2: Consumers receive their PAC code within as little as a minute, plus account details, to share with iD Mobile
  • Step 3: Within a working day, consumers’ old service ends and new one begins with their existing number

Customers looking to get a new number can simply text ‘STAC’ to ‘75075’ to dump their current network, with iD Mobile sorting out the rest.

So confident that you’ll love the network, iD Mobile are offering a 30-day ‘Switch Promise’. If customers get cold feet, they are free to leave the network. No fuss. No quibbles.

For further information, visit Deals start from £6 a month, with all monthly plans including Data Rollover, Inclusive Roaming in 50 worldwide destinations, as well as Bill Capping limits of your choice, as standard.

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