Ofcom offers holiday roaming advice

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April 8, 2009

Ofcom has published a consumer advice video with tips for keeping call and data roaming costs down.

The regulator reckons wireless broadband dongles and smartphones were  increasingly popular but downloading data remained expensive when travelling abroad.

It cited cases of “bill shock”, where a consumer who used his £25 per month datacard to download TV programmes for his children while on holiday in France saw his bill run up to £22,000.

Another consumer used a mobile phone to surf the web also while in France and was charged over £400 for 15 minutes of access. Another received a bill for £1,400 for using a portable modem to access the internet while on holiday in Egypt.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “We are expecting new rules on roaming charges to come into effect in the summer. In the meantime, our video provides tips to help people avoid high mobile bills this holiday season.”
The video can be found at
A  consumer guide can also be found at


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