O2 pay as you go 4G introduced

Jamie Feltham
October 31, 2013

A little while back EE became the first company to launch a pay as you go service for 4G data.  It won’t be alone for long though, as the O2 pay as you go alternative has been announced.

Named ‘4G Pay & Go Go Go’ (where’s the fourth Go?), the deal starts at £15 a month. That allows for 500MB of data, 75 inclusive minutes and 500 texts. But as you stick with the plan, it increases. Three months of loyalty will get you 1GB of data, 150 minutes and 1000 texts. At six months you’re rewarded with unlimited texts. You can add on an extra 1GB of data for £10, or get !00MB and 500MB and £3 and £6 respectively.

EE’s offers start out as better value, but the gap closes in with every increases on the O2 pay as you go plan. It all depends on what kind of data you want and how soon you want it by. When will other companies get in on the pay as you go 4G action?

Source: Gizmodo

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