Nothing Could Be Better Than Preparing for Microsoft 70-410 Exam with Practice Tests from Exam-Labs!

Darren Demers
January 8, 2020

The Microsoft 70-410 exam is designed to evaluate the learner’sknowledge and skills in accomplishing certain technical tasks. This test is one of three different exams that the candidates must pass in order to earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. It measures yourability of implementing the core WS 2012 infrastructure in an existing enterprise environment. Those students who pass this exam demonstrate their capability to implement & configure WS2012 core services, including networking services and Active Directory. Passing Microsoft 70-410 with other two certification tests validates that an individual has the knowledge and skills required to implement, manage, provision, and maintain services & infrastructure in the Windows Server 2012 environment.

Exam-labs Microsoft 70-410 exam covers a range of topics that the applicants must study to be able to pass this test. These objectives are highlighted below:

  • Installation& configuration of servers – 15-20%;
  • Hyper-V configuration – 15-20%;
  • Server roles & features configuration – 15-20%;
  • Installation& administration of AD – 15-20%;
  • Deployment&configuration of core network services – 15-20%;
  • Group Policy creation& management – 15-20%.

As you can see, the indicated percentage of each topic shows that every subject will have almost the same amount of questions during the actual certification test.

Good preparation equals your successful exam passing

Preparing for the Microsoft 70-410 certification exam is very important because it lays the foundation for other two tests: Microsoft 70-411 and Microsoft 70-412. To pass 70-410, you should follow the tips provided below. They will go a long way to help in overall preparation and passing of the exam.

Get a revision guide

A revision guide is designed to help you appropriately allocate your time during yourstudy. It highlights the major topics that you need to pay more attention to and help you to properly span out your study plan and time. With this manual, you won’t fall prey to irrelevant resource materials because the revision guide explains all you need to learn, and you can choose your resources based on this.

Take an official Microsoft training course

Although the MVA has a lot of resources, atraining course enables you to access information from the experts in a self-paced delivery method. There are various websites where you can take this course, and Exam-Labs is one of these reputable platforms. The training courses are delivered by the seasoned professionals who have skills and experience in the content areas of the exam. By taking one of them, you get hands-on experience in WS 2012 and also cover the theoretical aspects of the certification test. Another importance of a training course is that it enables you to learn with other candidates planning to take the same exam as you. These people may also be very valuable for your preparation process.

Use the Microsoft Virtual Academy for your preparation

The Microsoft Virtual Academy is the official training platform for all Microsoft certification exams. When it comes to the Microsoft 70-410 test, you can find a comprehensive list of resources and links to other external materials that will help you achieve success. The MVA contains a wide range of training videos delivered by the Microsoft experts who have gone through the certification exam at one point or another. This means they have the relevant skills to share with you, which will significantly impact on your performance in the actual test. It is recommended that you start your exam preparation from this platform because of its wealth of study tools. Some of them are free and some require that you pay in order to access them.

Join the Microsoft forum

You don’t have to go through rigorous preparation alone. There are other studentslike you with whom you can team up to prepare for any certification exam and share ideas. This is where the Microsoft forum comes in. This is a community of professionals who have one thing in common – passing a certification test. By joining a forum for Microsoft 70-410, you are able to learn from others and share your thoughts about specific topics with them. You also get to learn from these individuals because it is a mutually benefiting relationship. It is critical that you watch the information you take from the forum. Although there isa great content that you can access through this platform, you have to check thisdata because itis not moderated. People share ideas based on what they know, and this is necessarily not the fact. So, don’t take everything you read on the forum as the gospel truth.

Take the practice tests

The influence of practice testson your preparation process cannot be overemphasized. Really, you can’t achieve success in any exam without insight into what it will look like. Practice tests give you a clear picture of the pattern and style of the actual exam, which helps you get familiar with the test-taking process. It also helps you evaluate your level of preparedness. With practice tests, you can measure your possible performance in the exam, and they can help you dedicate more time to weak areas in your study. There are various resource platforms where you can access this tool. However, you have to be careful in your choice. Don’t visit a site with outdated practice questions. The Microsoft Virtual Academy has some great practice tests that will help you in your preparation. If you want more comprehensive tests and authentic braindumps for your Microsoft 70-410 exam, then Exam-Labs is the platform to check. You will be amazed at the volume of study materials available on this website.


The above are the tips that should help you go through the preparation process and increase your chance of success in the Microsoft 70-410 exam. Armed with these hints, you can pass your certification test at the first attempt. Thus, follow the tricks shared in this article and make the best of your exam preparation.

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