Nokia unveils new handsets at MWC 09

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February 16, 2009

Nokia E55

The E55 is the first Nokia with a ‘compact QWERTY keyboard’ and inside it’s the usual Nokia S60 affair, with support for a range of data and email services.

The E55 is Nokia’s slimmest smartphone, but the big appeal with the phone will be the battery life. Nokia promises a standby time of up to 1 month when it goes on sale in the summer.

Nokia E75

Nokia’s worst kept secret? Maybe not, but it’s certainly been talked about for some time (and even advertised on banners shown on this site!).

Seen as the spiritual successor to Nokia’s 9300 (which Nokia never officially called a Communicator, despite the similarities to the 9500). It has a 4-row keypad (meaning you’ll not be able to enter numbers as easily as with the E90) that slides out to speed up text input.

Impressive as it is, we can’t help but feel that Nokia needs to hurry up with its next generation Communicator! Sadly, no hints made today.

What is more reassuring is the improved email client, which now supports email in one single place, with improved attachment support and – at last – support for HTML emails.

The E75 ships in mid-late March.

Nokia Ovi Store

Everyone at MWC is talking about a new app store. Nokia is no exception, but they claim to be totally different to the others.

And, from what they announced today, they may just be right.

They’re calling the new Ovi store – the ‘smart’ app store because it isn’t just about applications. In fact, it uses a social location element to customise content in a number of ways.

Firstly, it can suggest applications that you might like. Secondly, it can show you what your friends have already bought and installed. Thirdly, by knowing where you are it can offer content that’s more relevant to you. If you’re in, say, Barcelona for a major mobile industry event, it will show you Lonely Planet guides and other travel related content.

It isn’t just applications either, so you could use it to personalise and customise your device.

The Ovi store will run on S60 and S40, meaning there will be around 50 million devices usable from launch (starting in May and continuing through to autumn).

The N97, which is now given a firm release date of June 2009, is the first to have it preloaded.

Developers interested in publishing and monetising content can go to to find out more.

Nokia 6720 Classic

The Nokia 6720 classic, with its dedicated GPS navigation button and route navigation software, offers an improved design with curved shape, plus a 5-megapixel camera and dual LED flash for when you’re not navigating. The phone also has new active noise cancellation, improving the quality of voice by cutting down ambient noise.

The Nokia 6720 classic is due in Q2.

Nokia 6710 Navigator

The 6710 Navigator’s navigation software is second to none and provides everything you expect from a dedicated GPS device and phone, according to Nokia.

The release continues:

It includes the latest developments in the Maps software with real time ‘drive and walk’ navigation, full regional maps and hardware elements like the dedicated navigator key, touch area for easy zooming and a large display optimized for outdoor viewing.

The recent integration of Maps with Ovi allows people to pre-plan their journey at home on their PC and synchronize with their mobile device.

Additionally, Maps has been updated to include a number of new features such as high-resolution aerial images, 3D landmarks for over 200 cities, terrain maps, weather service, premium travel and events content and traffic and safety warnings. With both of the new devices including a compass, working in conjunction with the new features of Maps, the pedestrian navigation experience has been significantly improved.

Included inbox is the Nokia CR-111 car holder, which cradles the Nokia 6710 Navigator easily in the car and completes the driving navigation solution.


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