Nokia to launch new Symbian handsets, update UI

Jonathan Morris
April 11, 2011

April 12th is the day Nokia will announce some good news for Symbian fans. The company will unveil some new handsets and a new OS update.

Nokia is expected to announce two new Symbian handsets (X7 and E6), which would have almost certainly been announced earlier in the year if the company hadn’t been distracted by other things, like getting all cosy with Microsoft…

Besides some new devices, the other announcement will be an update to the user interface with a major Symbian OS update. Amongst the new features will be the new Nokia typeface and a portrait QWERTY on-screen keyboard. Of course, there will be many other tweaks and improvements too, which we will report on when Nokia does.

Our sister title Mobile News was able to see a Nokia N8 with the latest software and was impressed, but many people will be asking why it has taken so long to make these changes now that most people are considering Symbian as being dead in the water.

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