Nokia N8: £100 cheaper on Tesco Mobile. Every little helps!

Jonathan Morris
September 11, 2010

If you’re hankering for the Nokia N8, Tesco has confirmed its price will be £100 less than buying direct from Nokia’s online shop.

Earlier in the week it was showing as even cheaper still (£299.97), but we held off posting this price as it looked like an obvious mistake.

Tesco has now clarified things officially and admitted it made an error by stating on its website:

We apologise that the incorrect price has been published in the AW10 catalogue – the correct price is £329.97 Expected launch date for this product is first week in October 2010.

The new price will also earn you 658 Clubcard points if you have one.

The catch? Well, it will be a prepay handset that is likely to be locked to Tesco Mobile – although that may allow you to use an O2 SIM-card in it. If you want a SIM-free model, you either stump up the extra cash, or use your money saved to get it unlocked.

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