Nokia forced to pay damages following sale of faulty smartphones in Mexico

Saqib Shah
September 29, 2014

Nokia must pay damages to consumers in Mexico who reported malfunctioning handsets, following a court ruling for a trial that has lasted four years.

The case was brought to court by Mexican watchdog Profeco in 2010, before the Finnish manufacturer was acquired by Microsoft – that deal was only completed earlier this year.

According to Reuters, the ruling states that Nokia Mexico customers who had purchased faulty devices can seek damages from the firm even if they were not among those who originally filed complaints.

Profeco added that the court has ordered Nokia Mexico to either replace the faulty handsets and/or reimburse their cost. On top of that, Nokia must also pay compensation totalling at least 20 percent of the damages resulting from malfunctioning.

It has not been confirmed which Nokia handsets were the ones causing a problem, but the matter predates the manufacturer’s decision to create Windows Phone devices. Therefore, it cannot mean that Nokia’s bestselling Lumia range was to blame.

Neither Profeco, Microsoft or Nokia Mexico have  officially spoken on the matter.

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