Nokia ad reminds people it makes QWERTY devices

Jonathan Morris
July 11, 2011

We got an email out of the blue to tell us about Nokia’s latest TV advertising campaign that gets its first airing during Coronation Street on the evening of July 11th.

The ad shows off a number of different ways to communicate using a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, including Facebook, IM and email, along with a herd of sheep.

Now, presumably you already knew Nokia made QWERTY devices, right?

Well, Nokia must think a lot of you don’t. Perhaps this is down to the fact that most youngsters now have a BlackBerry, and not a C3, and business men and women also have a BlackBerry, and not a E6.

We’re not sure this ad campaign will change that, but it’s amusing nonetheless. We did even wonder if the inclusion of a herd of sheep was supposed to represent people who blindly buy a BlackBerry, but it appears that they’re simply ordinary sheep. Damn us for trying to be clever!

The advert was filmed on the streets of Godalming, Surrey and continues a line of advertisements based on real characters and stories.


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