Next Android OS to be called Honeycomb, designed for nextgen tablets

Jonathan Morris
August 19, 2010

The next version of Android OS, most likely OS 3.1, is to be called Honeycomb and used on next generation Android tablets.

At the start of the week, a user on our forum started to talk about a new version of Android, designed to be used on a number of upcoming tablets based on Android (including the Samsung Galaxy tablet that should be announced shortly).

The user teased everyone by saying:

I’ve been told tablets are getting their own build of Android called H*******b

…prompting questions as to what it stood for. When we asked on Twitter, we received a suggestion that it could be called ‘Hot Cross Bun’. It didn’t end in b, or fit the asterisks, and we’re not even sure they have hot cross buns in America, but we liked it. In fact we prefer it to honeycomb, which was confirmed today by Tech Radar. Who agrees?

From OS 3.0 (Gingerbread) onwards, Google will introduce minimum requirements for Android devices – such as processor speed, memory and screen size. It’s clear that 3.1 will be released for standard smartphones, prompting us to assume that Honeycomb will be little more than an update to incorporate specific support for new features more suited to a tablet.

Anything beyond this is pure guesswork, so we’ll wait until Google announces 3.0 officially before making predications as to what these enhancements might be.

Anyone care to suggest what the next version will be called? Ice cream seems just a little bit too predictable.

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