New Samsung patent details lock screen handwriting recognition features

Callum Tennent
February 14, 2014

Samsung’s incredibly popular (and rather good) Galaxy Note range have managed to distinguish themselves from the ever-growing phablet market by utilising not just a stylus, but a stylus that is actually useful.

The S Pen stylus was used for a number of features, such as Action Memo, Screen Write, S Note, Scrapbook, or Pen Window. Not intent to rest on their laurels, Samsung have filed a new patent detailing a number of original, exciting new stylus-based concepts.

The central theme centres around using the stylus to perform actions while your smartphone is locked. Already present on the Note 2 and Note 3, signing your signature allows you to unlock the phone, as it recognises your handwriting.

Samsung - Handwriting Recognition 1 Samsung - Handwriting Recognition 2



The new features patented would allow you to write out basic actions on your lock screen, which the phone would then carry out – no buttons, no menus, just simple stylus-written commands. For example, scrawl out ‘call mom’ and the phone does just that.

Naturally, the filing of this patent has only increased the hype surrounding the release of the Galaxy Note 4, due for release later this year, but has the concept been drafted too late to make the final product?


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