New ‘RIVA VOICE’ Series Of Speakers on display at IFA 2018

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August 31, 2018

At IFA 2018 RIVA Audio’s new Voice Series is on display: RIVA CONCERT (£199) and RIVA STADIUM (£449), two of the most advanced and innovative speakers coming in 2018.

Available later this year, the RIVA CONCERT and STADIUM are making their official debut in the Amazon booth 26 in the #201 during IFA 2018.

The RIVA CONCERT and RIVA STADIUM are the first voice-controlled speakers from RIVA Audio, the lifestyle brand of Audio Design Experts in their new RIVA Voice Series. With a variety of voice features, users can easily access:

Spotify Voice – use your voice to control Spotify

Multi-Room Playback – play your favourite music throughout the house by connecting multiple compatible Alexa-enabled speakers (coming soon)

Alexa Skills – Alexa knows tens of thousands of skills so that you can play games, control smart home devices, hear the news, and more

Alexa Calling and Messaging – call or messages friends and family on supported Alexa-enabled devices or the Alexa app

Alexa Drop In and Announcements – use Alexa as an intercom to open up instant two-way conversations between rooms, or broadcast one-way announcements to compatible devices.

“The RIVA CONCERT and STADIUM speakers provide a powerful audio experience that combines high-quality sound with smart, voice-forward features,” said Pete Thompson, Vice President of the Alexa Voice Service. “We’re excited to work with RIVA to bring customers a simple, more natural way to control their music and more.”

RIVA Voice Series products are designed to play audio as honest and authentic to the original recording as possible. The Voice Series features RIVA’s award-winning, patented Trillium audio technology, which uses three discrete channels to produce true, room-filling sound from a single box speaker. This removes the need to buy two speakers for stereo, thus saving money and allowing for more pleasing design aesthetics. RIVA’s awarded superior sound continues with custom-built ADX drivers to help Voice Series speakers produce an authentic reproduction of the music with deep, powerful bass.

In addition to superior sound quality, RIVA’s Voice Series is designed with an open architecture for maximum flexibility. Unlike most wireless speakers, the Voice Series offers multiple connectivity options. Users can listen to high-resolution music (24-bit/192kHz), networked digital music files, podcasts, or music services like Spotify and Pandora through multiple connectivity options including Amazon Music, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, DLNA, local content and Bluetooth. It even features USB input and a 3.5 mm analogue input for non-Bluetooth devices. STADIUM also includes an optical input. RIVA’s Voice Series Wi-Fi is dual-band, supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks for greater robustness and reliability against interference.

“RIVA is delivering the award-winning sound born out of the stadiums, arenas and theatres of the world right into your smart home! We are thrilled to collaborate with Amazon to bring the power of Alexa to the Voice series. Coupled with RIVA’s best-in-class audio and innovative features, these speakers deliver a sound so pure that you can hear the future,” says Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of RIVA Audio.

The RIVA Voice app (iOS & Android) allows for easy set-up, speaker control, and music playback directly from smartphones and tablets, and allows listeners to stream cloud music services from around the globe. RIVA’s Voice app offers advanced features that allow users to voice control the speaker through the Push-to-Talk function within the app as well as customize different listening modes and DSP adjustments for treble and bass. The Voice app allows the user to easily access local content, media servers, USB, AUX and Optical input playback as well as setting speaker listening modes.

RIVA Voice Series will continue to expand their capabilities via over-the-air updates, giving owners the latest advancements with ease.


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