New Libratone ZIPP range on sale today

Thomas Wellburn
October 20, 2015

Libratone has today announced a brand new addition to their ZIPP line-up, which features a unique multi-room technology dubbed ‘SoundSpaces’.

The new speakers are loosely based on the previous ZIPP design and come in two variants, a smaller ZIPP Mini 60 watt edition and the larger 100 watt version. Being the subject of many awards in the past, Libratone was keen to carry on the trend with their new speakers. As such, they both feature the same deep, full-range audio that was found previously. The ZIPP extends right down to 40Hz, while the ZIPP Mini achieves an impressive 50Hz for some strong mid-bass.

Using a downloadable smartphone application, the user can tap into the SoundSpaces functionality of the speakers. This allows up to 16 speakers to be fully connected within a local WIFI network, where they can be controlled individually to suit the party. while it’s easy to draw comparisons to SONOS, the new ZIPP speakers have the benefit of being totally wireless with no power outlet needed. This means you can pop them in your bag and take the party with you.

The new ZIPP is also fully customisable, following on from the previous gen versions. Covers can be unzipped and hot-swapped depending on the preference of the user, with seven different colours available at launch.

The new ZIPP range goes on sale today, so hit this link if you want to try one for yourself!

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