The All New HTC One will have a Swiss cheese smart cover

Callum Tennent
March 10, 2014

We may have mentioned before just how sick we were of leaked images of the HTC One sequel (the All New HTC One? The HTC One 2? The HTC M8? Take your pick), but this latest one has just about managed to pique our interest.

Omnipresent tech ninja @evleaks has produced the goods once again, this time revealing a smartcover for the All New HTC One. And it looks pretty cool.


The cover seems to be made of plastic, rather than fabric, and comes in a variety of covers. What makes it stand out though is its perforated face. This allows it to display time and weather (as shown in the leaks, with more functions almost certain to be available) in a retro, LED-style sort of way.

It’s unclear as to whether or not the cover will come packaged with the handset or will be available to purchase as an accessory. Similarly, we don’t know if the black, green, orange and blue options are the only colours available.


@evleaks has also stated that a Google Play edition of the device will be released, meaning that buyers will have the choice of a purely Android handset or one running on HTC’s sense UI.

As always with HTC leaks, we’ll have the full story for you when the big unveiling finally rolls around on March 25th.

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