New 3rd Edition iPhone pictures revealed?

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February 13, 2009

The photos are from the same source that showed the revised glossy back on the current iPhone 3G, so they’re quite likely to genuine. The casing is supposedly from China, so they could either be fake – or the real deal photographed by someone in the fabrication factory.


Picture: The new Apple iPhone 3G? (via


The only problem is that the pictures are only of the back cover. From this you can see a new model number (A1303), the fact it has 16GB of storage (a 32GB version must be 99.99% certain and we’d say there’s a strong possibly a 64GB version will be an option, now flash memory is much cheaper), and that there’s no room for an LED flash for the camera. No doubt this is going to be a disappointment for anyone that hoped the next iPhone was going to be taking on handsets like the Samsung Pixon or the LG Renoir.

There’s no way of knowing what camera sensor the phone will use, or if it will be autofocus.

As news goes, this isn’t the story of the century – but it could confirm that development is quite advanced and a new iPhone with enhanced features (if only more storage and a better camera, or Bluetooth audio/file transfer support) may not be too far away from being announced.

Everything is still speculation, which is why our forum is such a good place to go to join in and share your own thoughts and theories.

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