Motorola MOTOBLUR facelift and new cloud services

Jonathan Morris
February 14, 2011

Motorola will launch a new cloud-based media streaming service following its acquisition of ZumoCast, and introduce enhancements to MOTOBLUR.

For consumers wanting to access their own multimedia content wherever they are, MotoConnect comprises a suite of solutions to sync content. In the third quarter of 2011, the Motorola Media Link and ZumoCast platforms will be merged into a single platform. Until then, two services will run independently.

Motorola Media Link (v1.5) offers Mac users seamless transfer of content from iTunes, while PC users are able to sync with Windows Media Player (files, photos and videos). Motorola Media Link 1.5 will be released in March.

ZumoCast (recently acquired by Motorola) offers remote access content from a home computer running the ZumoCast server software. Users can access music, video, photos and documents, with media re-encoded on the fly for smaller devices or tablets.

MOTOBLUR is also getting a facelift and new features. A new look website will make it easier to use functions such as locating and tracking a mobile phone, or backing up content and wiping the data from a lost or stolen phone.

Other new features for the MOTOBLUR platform include:

Connected Music: Make it easy to share and buy music-related content. User can follow what friends are listening to, get recommendations and see the lyrics as songs are playing (an enhancement on the Music player on the Motorola DEFY).

Connected Gallery: Merge photos and videos with online services, including Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and more. Users can receive push notifications when new photos are uploaded or comments are made. With MOTOBLUR’s ‘offboard’ processing of data, users are spared large data consumption and operators have a lighter load on their already pressured networks.

Aloqa: The open, location-triggered, platform will give third party publishers the ability to push information via channels that users can select, avoiding unnecessary data overload. Once subscribed to a channel, users can be informed about places, events and offers – or anything else that might be of interest.

The above enhancements will be available as upgrades to recently announced devices, including the Motorola ATRIX.

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