UPDATED MWC: EE sees 10% sales growth every week since 4G launch

Alex Walls
February 26, 2013

Everything Everywhere chief executive Olaf Swantee said the operator had seen sales up 10% every week since its 4G network launched in November.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress, the EE chief’s speech highlights also made note of the corporate adoption of 4G, with more than 1000 corporations in the UK using the service.

Average speeds of more than 16mbps were seen over the 4G network with peak speeds of 50mbps “on a regular basis”, Mr Swantee said.

An EE spokesperson said the operator was constantly monitoring its network, and received data on regular speeds from independent third parties that monitored its network experience.

We are constantly monitoring our network to ensure people are getting the best experience. We also receive data on the regular speeds that people are experiencing from independent third parties that monitor our network experience.

An average 4G customer used 1.4GB of data per month, and video was the biggest application after Internet access, with more than 25% of the 4G traffic video based – 11% on YouTube.

Other than video, maps, mobile banking and video calling had  seen the largest increase in use compared with 3G, he said.

With regards to intial thoughts on MWC, Mr Swantee said while miniaturisation was key a few years back, now that customers were able to do more on their screens than before, device manufacturers were trying to maximise screen space.

“A great example is ZTE’s latest device. The ZTE “Grand Memo” is markedly bigger than anything they’ve produced before. It just about fits in your pocket but the clear and crisp screen makes it easy – and enjoyable – to watch movies, access the Internet and do business on email and with other apps.”

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